Facebook’s latest stance on privacy

In light of our upcoming symposium entitled, “Should We Care About Privacy?” and the fact that many of you have a Facebook account, you may be interested to hear Facebook’s latest stance on privacy: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2014/07/facebook_s_privacy_pivot_mark_zuckerberg_s_plan_to_win_back_trust.html

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Incoming Lincoln Professor Adriana Sanford spoke at The Chautauqua Institution earlier this month on “Privacy, Ethics, & Money, Money, Money”.

Hear the story about Adriana’s brush with Manuel Noriega. Learn how to protect yourself and do the ethical thing in a corporate situation.


Professor Braden Allenby, Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics spoke at The Chautauqua Institution this week on the nostalgia of privacy. When watching, ask yourself, “What is the difference between privacy and anonymity?” Also ask yourself, “Is the illusion of privacy worse than the loss of privacy?
A thought provoking lecture to be sure: